Review: Rawlicious (Yorkville)

If you’ve ever read my review of King’s Cafe or heard me mention about how much I love Fresh on Bloor, then you know I love vegetarian food restaurants.  The way these places cook up amazing meat free dishes show me that if I have a lot of disposable income, I could totally be a vegetarian (but then I remember that I like bacon too much.)  Raw food is a different story.  I’ve had some not-so-pleasant experiences at raw food restaurants; crumbly dried food, weird textures, and missing the comfort that warm food in the mouth gives me.

I had spent a few months going back and forth about whether I was willing to venture back into a raw vegan restaurant.  I figure for the sake of a review, I’d take one for the team and do it.

After doing a bit of researching on yelp and urbanspoon, I decided that we’d order the two most popular dishes:  the taco wrap ($9.00) and the pad thai ($15.00).  Our food came out relatively quick which would be expected since there isn’t any baking involved.

The pad thai had zuccini and kelp noodles covered in a zangy yet creamy thai flavoured sauce.  I initially had expected that I’d miss having actual starchy pad thai noodles in my meal, but I didn’t. The zuccini and kelp noodles were long and stringy like normal spaghetti noodles and the crunch you’d get with each bite made it even more satisfying.  The dish had a few pieces of cashews in it (they weren’t really crumbled and mixed in like I had expected, much like peanuts are in non-vegan pad thai) and, to be honest, it could have used a few more cashews.  The sauce, though really good the first five or so bites, got to be too much.  I understand that the sauce is used to help you forget that you’re eating a wholly vegan dish,  but there was way too much sauce on it that you were literally left with a soup of thai sauce at the bottom of the bowl.  Overall I enjoyed the dish and was quite glad that the portion was huge.

Taco wrap

Though lacking a taco shell, the taco wrap quite crunchy, thanks mostly to the giant collard leaf that wraps around it.  The whole ensemble was kept together neatly with a toothpick.  Though the taco wrap doesn’t have as much flavour was a traditional taco, the mix of guacamole and salsa on top of the nut loaf made up for it with such an interesting texture.  This is quite a messy dish though as the sauce drips everywhere so keep that in mind if you’re on lunch break from work and don’t really want to get your clothes covered in sauce.

Pad Thai

Rawlicious has an excellent selection of desserts that usually cycle on a daily basis.  The server (who possibly may have been the owner) made sure we knew that.  In fact there were a few instances while we were still finishing up our entrees that she asked if we wanted dessert.  Though I think an attentive server is nice, I couldn’t help but feel as if there was some underlying pressure on her behalf to make us consume more food.

I’m glad I went to Rawlicious.  I had a positive experience with the food being served there and it did exceed my expectations.  I do eventually plan on going back for dessert some day soon though.

T.O. Bites Rating:

-Delicious and healthy vegan food
-Fast, prompt, and attentive service

-The prices are a little bit on the high side, but so are most raw and vegan places
-The server was a bit too promoting of the desserts

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