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The Tulip: Since 1929

The Tulip: Since 1929

I first went to the Tulip back in 1996 and it was great back then.  Thankfully, not much has changed aside from moving two doors down about a decade ago.  The Tulip Steakhouse sits on the edge of Leslieville bordering the Beach area (also known as “the Beaches” if you’ve lived there before the name change years ago).  I do have to confess though that even though the Tulip is known for it’s excellent yet low cost steaks, I have never tried one before even though I used to go there almost weekly when I was younger.  Even to this day, I would still much prefer a cheeseburger over their renown steaks.

Their burger patties are hand made and have bits of onion and other lovely things inside of it that give it such great flavour.  The buns they use are always nice and big but are never bigger than the patty.  The best part about the buns is that they grill them a bit giving the insides a bit of a crunch factor.  It comes with a slice of tomato and a thick slice of onion.  Always and always will.  The coleslaw that comes with the burger is great too.  It’s none of that frozen kind that most other greasy spoons serve, it’s actually quite nice and usually pretty fresh.  Now the home fries… mmm home fries.  I always get random cravings for Tulip’s homefries because they are some of the best around town.  They’re nice and soft in the middle and always crunchy on the outside.  Plus, I love all the crunchy small bits that come with it too.  Their homefries have changed a bit since I first went there, as they used to be grilled with onion bits but they’ve since removed them.

Their breakfast is also a great plate of awesomeness.  For just under $5 (yep you heard me, $5 smackeroos!) you get all that in the photo.  Home fries, toast, sausage (or peameal bacon or regular bacon), and eggs.  The breakfast is great because it’s cheap for a lot of food and served all day except for the pancakes which are only served until 4:00pm.

The Tulip is one of my personal top favorite restaurants in the city and it’s always nice to have a place that I can go to which has all the comfort food I’ve grown to love.  Though the service has somewhat gone downhill over the years, the food is still excellent and they always give you a huge amount for a low price.  And if you’re not too full from the main course, you need to try some of their famous chocolate cake or coconut cream pie.  Make sure if you do go that you choose the homefries over the french fries.  I can’t stress enough how good they are.

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