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Saigon Sister was popular?

Saigon Sister was popular?

If you want cheap eats near the Yonge/Bloor area, everyone knows (aside from fast food) that you’d just head over to Ginger.  Alternatively, you can now head across the street to Hue’s Kitchen, which is a lot like Ginger.  Well, I guess that’s probably because it’s owned by the same people.  Hue’s Kitchen offers pretty much the same stuff Vietnamese/Thai cuisine that you can get across the street for roughly the same price.  But they do have a few interesting additions to their menu.  They offer butter chicken, caramel chicken, and even breakfast.  But aside from a few sauce changes, it’s essentially the same stuff.

Antony, Tona, and myself decided to go check it out today and order a few different things from their menu that aren’t really offered at Ginger.  I went with butter chicken served with naan and mango chutney.  Antony went with the caramel chicken-mango, and Tona, decided to be brave and go with pad thai.  I say ‘brave’ because everyone knows that Ginger’s pad thai isn’t the greatest.  Actually, let me widen that statement — any pad thai in Toronto isn’t that greatest.  Why?  Because, everyone seems to use ketchup in it!  Sara is actually on an ongoing hunt to find a place that doesn’t use ketchup in their pad thai.

Caramel Chicken-Mango

Caramel Chicken-Mango

Much like at Ginger, you’re given a numbered card stand to place on your table and wait for your food to be delivered.  first came Antony’s caramel chicken-mango.  First off, you may notice, it doesn’t really contain much “caramel” sauce on it.  It didn’t really have much of a taste to it at all, oddly enough.

Second up was my butter chicken.  The butter chicken uses the same pieces of chicken breast from every other meal on there, just that they’re smothered in butter chicken sauce.  The sauce also doesn’t really taste that much like butter chicken sauce, but more like a thai curry.  It was somewhat spicy.  But hey, where’s my mango chutney?!  I asked the cashier (as the flyer said “with mango chutney” while on the board up top, it made no mention of it) and she said that they removed it because of people not liking it that much.  I can see why since I can only remember eating mango chutney with crunchy papadum which this meal doesn’t have.  But the nice cashier brought me a side.  Oddly enough, it also lacked rice.  So you were just getting butter chicken with naan.  The problem is there’s way too much soupy sauce to not have this with some rice, so you have to spent an extra $1.50 for some rice with the meal.  Also, the butter chicken costs a staggering $9.50 while the other meals ranged from $6.50 to $7.50.  I think $8.50 or even $7.95 would be more reasonable for the cost of it, but I guess I’m just a bit of a penny pincher.

Butter Chicken and Naan

Butter Chicken and Naan

Tona’s pad thai was ketchup-ey, as expected.  I can’t say much more about it other than she wasn’t really a fan of it and found it to be a bit too greasy.  I’ve had pad thai a few times at Ginger and I think if they just took out the ketchup, it would make it a heck of a lot better.

So if you’re looking for a fast and cheap place for lunch near the Yonge and Bloor area, then go ahead and give Hue’s Kitchen a try.  I feel like they’re trying to go with more of a Spring Rolls type eat-in restaurant with the decor and design of the place but unfortunately the quality of the food just isn’t as high.
Hue's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Average Price: $6 – $9 per entree
Opens at 7:30am for Breakfast (yes, breakfast)
774 Yonge St.
Phone: 416-967-0404
TTC Directions: Get off at Yonge/Bloor station, walk south half a block on the west side of Yonge

  • hellebelle says:

    maybe i am a snob but i’d judge the place based on the font they chose for the restaurant name alone!

    December 8, 2009 at 11:36 pm
  • Eddie says:

    Funny enough, I originally wrote the review as “Hoe’s Kitchen” cause that’s what we all thought it was called. I didn’t figure out that it was called Hue until I tried to look for it on urbanspoon

    December 8, 2009 at 11:45 pm
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    Review: Hue’s Kitchen

  • Brandon says:

    This was hands down the worst dining experience of my life (October 8th, 2010). I went for lunch with a group of my coworkers, and we all ordered together.

    Appetizers came and everyone enjoyed some spring rolls. Unfortunately that is where the dining experience turned for the worse. While the tables food began to roll out, it donned on me that I had yet to receive my drink I had ordered. I informed the waitress (if you want to call them that) and she told me it would be right out. My coworkers were hesitant to begin their meals because guess what? I didn’t receive my food either.

    I complained to the same waitress again that I had still yet to receive my drink, and now my food was also not present. She went into the back to check, and came back out to deliver food to another table. When I asked to speak to a manager I was told “It’s lunch, it’s busy”…until I had to raise my voice to indicate I didn’t care about the nightmare that their organization is…at which point I was directed to a nasty woman in the kitchen.

    After informing her that I had yet to receive my drink or food order, and that I felt their lack of concern was a complete joke, she told me….”It’s lunch, it’s busy”. I replied that I didn’t care what time of day it was, when someone orders food you have to deliver it…despite the fact that their are other people in the restaurant. It was at this point that she began yelling at me in a foreign language. I said: “It is absolutely ludicrous that you would speak to a customer like this, let alone a customer that you had yet to serve. Keep your food, keep your drink, I am not paying for the chicken rolls I had”. Having little effect, she turned back around and began working again.

    I sit now, at my desk, without any food in me, writing a desperate plea to all willing to listen that you should NEVER reward these people with your business again. They do not appreciate anyones business, and they are not willing to correct their own errors.

    Shame on you Hue’s Kitchen, your managers and staff should be absolutely appalled by how poorly you operate.

    For your own sake, DO NOT GO TO HUE’S KITCHEN!

    October 8, 2010 at 12:58 pm
  • Eddie says:

    That’s pretty lousy of them, Brandon. I haven’t been back there in a few months, but when I did go they changed their menu since I first went there, and I was unimpressed with the food and service.
    That’s one of the problems some restaurants have downtown is catering to the lunch hour crowd who are on a tight schedule. Some of them do it well with quick service, while others do it incredibly poorly, such as Hue’s. I can’t believe you got yelled at though, so props to you on not putting up with that and walking out.

    October 8, 2010 at 1:28 pm
  • Christian says:

    Brandon’s experience is not one that I would say to go by as I have eaten at Hue’s Kitchen every week since I moved to Yonge and Bloor in October and have had nothing but good experiences. There was one time when I asked if I could have extra Naan bread and they said that I could not unless I paid extra which I found odd because the previous time I was there I was given complimentary bread as there were 2 of us eating from it. I am sorry that Brandon did not have a good experience but as I said do not take his experience as the end all since I for one have go there all the time and I am always given great service and the food is always fresh and great-tasting.

    February 13, 2011 at 12:06 am
  • angela says:

    you’re paying about 10 dollars at a vietnamese restaurant during a lunch rush. give me a fucking break. i understand that you would like to have your meal at the same time (not a minute sooner, not a minute later), but its really not such an issue that you have to start problems.
    i dont think the managers or any of the staff give a flying fuck about your 10 dollars. go spend it at subway.

    you’re rotten.

    February 22, 2011 at 6:02 am

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