Review: Maggie’s

Nestled in the heart of the Bloor and Yonge area, amdist a backdrop of a rising village of new condominium developments, sits a quaint little brunch place by the name of Maggie’s.


Maggie’s, a sister establishment to the Maggie’s on College near Bathurst, offers a standard variety of brunch fare, from colourful omelettes to their famous triple decker grilled cheese sandwiches.

Being so close to where I work, Maggie’s has become a lunch time staple of Ashley and I.  Why do we keep going back with so many other lunch time options in the area?  For me, it would have to be due to the copious amounts of fruit that get served on the side of most entrees.  They’re usually not that busy, being just far enough down Charles st. to be out of eyesight from the Yonge street traffic.  They’re usually overlooked by the far brighter and flashier stuff located on our city’s busiest strip.

For starters today, Ashley and I each ordered a drink which we felt would suit our meals.  I’m having their classic breakfast, so I decided to order an orange juice with it.  At $2.25 for a small, the drinks carry a bit of a price tag.  For an additional 70cents, I could upgrade my orange juice to a “fresh squeezed” orange juice.  So I did just that.


Deciding on her grill favorite, grilled cheese sandwich, Ashley went with a comforting cool glass of chocolate milk.  Ashley claimed that the chocolate milk tasted just as good as the one that comes in the carton, directly from the factory, but later on we noticed that the chocolate was starting to separate from the milk at the bottom of the glass, much like powdered instant chocolate milk does.

Our entrees came pretty quickly, which is a good thing considering they are a brunch place in downtown Toronto which serves the 1 hour limited time lunch crowd.  I ordered the classic breakfast meal which came with a choice of sausage, bacon, or ham.

Classic Breakfast

Classic Breakfast

I chose multigrain toast and over-medium eggs so that I could dip the toast in.  Yes, I know the standard is to order over-easy eggs for toast dipping, but I’ve gone to too many restaurants where the yolk has broken prematurely during transport from the kitchen to my table, so it’s usually safe to get over-medium to ensure your yolk safety!

Unfortunately, my plan backfired this time, and the yolks on these particular eggs came out hard.  So much for toast dipping.  The other option that came with this meal was which breakfast meat you wanted, from ham, bacon, and sausage.  I was never a fan of bacon, and 9 times out of 10 when sausage is among the side options, I’ll take it over any of the others.  These sausages were done really well, not to greasy, and cooked just enough to give the edges a light crisp.  On the other hand, they were just your average sausages, no hint of them being glazed with honey garlic, or any other type of specialty flavour.  But they are better than the standard frozen breakfast sausages, which most other brunch places drop on your plate.

Triple Decker Grilled Cheese

Triple Decker Grilled Cheese

Ashley went with the Triple Decker Grilled Cheese.  Three layers of break stacked with double cheese in between.  The sandwich came nicely grilled, with a light brown tinge on the outside, but not overcooked so there was still a soft moist feel inside the bread itself.  And did I mention the cheese?  There’s enough cheese on this baby to make 10 Grilled Cheeses for a summer camp mess hall.

Both meals came with a side of garlic fries.  The fries themselves are sometimes a hit and a miss.  Usually crispy enough to satisfy my need for crunch, they also can contain too much chunks of minced garlic on them.  Today, though, that was not the case, and the fries were perfect.

Also note the amount of jam you get on the side.  Most places tend to be stingy and leave you clamoring for more packets of jam.  Our server left us with enough jam to satisfy our spreading needs.  Not that I had much spreading to do given the size of my pieces of toast.  Yes, they were pretty tiny compared to the size of the bread used for Ashley’s Grilled Cheese, but that could be because it was multigrain toast as opposed to the white bread of Ashley’s sandwich.

The fruit side was a nice melody of strawberries, oranges, melons, a slice of grapefruit, and a kiwi to top it off.  I always feel like if they’re going all out in their fruit side, why not add a few grapes to the mix?

As for the service, if you happen to go around 1:30pm (they close at 2:00pm), expect to be largely ignored unless you’ve mastered the fine art of waving your arms in the air like you’re on a rollercoaster just to get the servers attention.  They’re too busy cleaning up to check on you, trying to get everything done by 2pm so they can head out of the place.  Don’t most establishments clean after they’ve locked the doors?

It’s good to note that they’re very vegetarian and vegan friendly, with a nice vegan selection within their menu.  Overall, Ashley and I enjoyed our meals and left satisfied and stuffed.  Our only quip today was with the service, with 2 servers and only 4 patrons, it’s a puzzle why we were left alone completely after our food arrived.

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Average Price: $8 per entree
Hours: Mon – Sun, 7am – 2pm
TTC Directions: Get off at Yonge/Bloor station, and walk south on Yonge two blocks, turn left at Charles St.

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